Optigest est un organisme de formation spécialisé dans l'animation de séminaires team-building appelés Business game, Serious game ou jeu d'entreprise

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Our training offer "Business Game" for students

Tailor-made simulations: Post-highschool to Master degree students in Business Schools programs, Universities or Engineering Schools

OPTIGEST offers 3 different programs, perfectly fitted for academic programs, aiming to teach management in an innovative way, introduce entrepreneurship or integrate students (team-building)

  • Manager
  • The range designed for Business Schools and other management training programs (University or even Engineering schools)
  • 3 distinct levels of difficulty
    Post highschool, Bachelor and Master degree.
  • 18 games "Manager" developed : management, marketing, finance, advertising, purchases, HR, events, generalist...
  • Language 
    French of English.
  • Playing time
    On demand, generally 2 to 5 days.
  • Face-to-face, e-learning or blended learning
  • Entrepreneur
  • The perfect seminar to taste entrepreneurship in a fun way !
  • 6 key steps of the Business Plan 
    Idea, Pitch, Market study, Marketing, Finance, Taxes & Legal
  • A trade show at the end of the seminar, allowing each team to defend its project 
  • Language
    French or English.
  • Playing time
    On demand, generally 3 to 5 days.
  • Face-to-face, e-learning or blended learning.
  • Team-Building
  • The perfect range to integrate new students or build a school spirit ! 
  • Team-building challenges are added to the simulation.
  • 3 distinct levels of difficulty
    Post highschool, Bachelor and Master degree.
  • Language
    French or English
  • Playing time
    On demand, generally 1 to 3 days.
  • Face-to-face, e-learning or blended learning.

Your Business Game à la carte

OPTIGEST is the owner of the simulator software, customizes every Business Game to the school needs and requirements.

Thus, OPTIGEST doesn't sell any licence, our consultants know the game by heart and are excellent to conduct it !

Our challenge is to adapt our simulator to every customer's specifications. We thus have a dozen of different scenarios, allowing to customize every training seminar.

OPTIGEST thus offers to make your own business game "à la carte", according to your constraints and the specificities of your school.

Your innovative Business Game

Innovation is the core of our seminars. Beyond the software simulator - basis of every Business Game - we have developed innovative tools, as mentioned below ...

Students manage their virtual business online, accessing to a password-protected website. Every document (PDF, video...) is included on this website. Then, each school has its personal website customized with its logo and colors. 


With e-learning training programs, videos replace the physical presence of consultants and are then a major asset to guide students. Then, with "physical" training programs, videos can also help trainers present physically on site.


During e-learning programs, students have a hotline to contact the Optigest consultants who answer to all of their questions. A perfect solution that reaches to balance the physical absence of our trainers in the school.

Christophe THIBIERGE, associate professor ESCP Europe


Serious games designed by Optigest for ESCP Europe are very realistic! One of their strengths, participants can not count on the "luck factor".

My 3 best tips to win the game? First point, analyze the market deeply, its evolution, trends, behavior of consumers to define a marketing strategy.

Then, optimize the management of human resources because the game offers many factors. And finally, do not hesitate to do an economic analysis for the many strategic choices (outsourcing, investment, choice of suppliers ...), which often means having to define strategic objectives first.

Christelle Fournel, Head of "Entrepreneurship" programs - National Veterinary College


“"A lot of professionalism, kindness and consideration, both before and during the Business Game Week.

Our challenge was to learn to veterinary students the main basis of the business world.

Believe me, this is a huge challenge in itself, successfully achieved by the Optigest team!

I am looking forward to the next session! ".

See Christelle Fournel's LinkedIn profile.

Few examples of developed Business Games

Techpool - l'un des jeux les plus complexes et donc l'un des plus proches de la réalité ! Le simulateur contient plus d'une centaine de critères qu'il convient de choisir en fonction de la coloration à donner au scénario : gestion, finance, RH, marketing...
Atlantis - les participants fabriquent et commercialisent une gamme de voiliers d'initiation, en France et à l'export
Eureka - le jeu "entrepreneur" par excellence, permettant aux participants d'aborder la création d'entreprise de manière ludique !
Droony - dans l'ère du temps, ce scénario permet aux joueurs d'évoluer sur le marché du drone autonome
Chocoprint - les participants évoluent sur le marché du chocolat de luxe, en BtoB, en France et à l'international
Be in prod - l'un des seuls Business Games du marché orienté "service". Les joueurs proposent un service de promotion musicale, via une plateforme de crowdfunding
Ecar - développé en partenariat avec le groupe PSA, ce scénario est l'un des plus complexes de la gamme. Le secteur est l'automobile connectée
Watch Up - place au luxe et au raffinement avec ce jeu au scénario réservé aux niveaux cadres et dirigeants, évoluant sur le marché du luxe.
Mysnow - place aux sensations fortes ! Les participants évoluent sur le marché du ski personnalisable
Xtrm - dans l'ère du temps, ce jeu permet aux participants d'évoluer sur le marché très en vogue des appareils de fitness.
Millesime - ce jeu développé uniquement en anglais permet aux spécialités "oenologie" et "marketing du vin" de briller, puisque le scénario est axé autour du vin français. Les participants commercialisant un vin français à l'export.

Your students testify...

What a motivating game ! The learning method clearly changes our routine, our way to learn. That's interesting, playful. In two words : the best!"
"Consultants were very good, pleasant, kind, involved, pedagogic, motivating and available"
"I like the challenges associated with simulation (track our bank accounts, calculate our costs, spot corrupted numbers in our accounting ...), we definitly feel the interaction with our Finance MBA program "
"What a challenging week but rewarding, the serious game concept with a simulation and challenges dedicated to your program is a great way to get involved !"
"It was an amazing scenario, allowing to understand some theories that were very very blurry to me before following this serious game"
The week was really great with a young, dynamic team of consultants. Listening to them was awesome and inspiring, we felt close to them but also motivated to do our best ! More than the simulation itself, all the challenges made for us were awesome !! Let's do it again...

OPTIGEST Business Game

Optigest is a training organization specialized in conducting playful seminars called Business Game or serious game.

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